Whether you want to get sober or want to develop a healthier relationship to marijuana/alcohol, I am here. I have worked in settings ranging from inpatient rehabs, to outpatient substance abuse clinics, to my own private practice. I have led addiction recovery groups and counseled families in crisis. Through these diverse experiences, I learned evidence-based treatment techniques and developed a deep understanding of how addiction shapes family and relationship patterns.


Changing your relationship to drugs and alcohol is a dual process. You need to understand the past experiences that underlie it while simultaneously learning a new way of being in the world.  For some people, that’s a life of sobriety. For others, it’s developing new coping skills and strategies.  For teenagers and college students, this all must be done while figuring out who you are and navigating increasing levels of independence.


Through a combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive interventions, and EMDR, I will help you process your past while living in the present and building your future. I also bring to the work a wide breadth of knowledge about 12-step groups and other resources.

Recovery isn’t just about stopping using.  It’s about building a life full of meaning.  Together, we’ll help you do that.